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Saturday, April 17

I think i am in love with someone special and has a weird name!=D

Monday, March 22

I am very confuse now.haiz..="(

Friday, March 5


Tuesday, January 26


feeling sick.
skipped the 4 o clock class.
sitting at home trying to sleep.
getting my ass back in ipoh this friday.
off to bed for now.

Thursday, January 21


college days.
extremely boring.
back in ipoh.
never thought i'd say this.
but i miss ipoh.
my grandma.


the change in my life.
change isnt always bad you see.

Monday, December 14

I find this picture's funny!

The meaning of love in my head.

A picture can tell a whole story, a word can describe a person's feelings; a sentence can make a person life much happier. You don't need to show me a picture to tell a story; you don't need to tell how you feel because I know how you feel. You just need to tell the whole sentence to make the world a happier place to live in. The world is big; the word LOVE is even bigger. Without love the world would be a war zone and people will be died along the streets. Because of love people think twice before doing something wrong. A person who loves someone would risk or die for the person he or she loves the most. Love is so powerful. Its powers can't be compare to a nuclear bomb. For love people will intend to do stupid stuff. People say every and each human being on this earth has love in their heart. No matter if that person a bad or good person. They are humans too, they have feeling to. Love is so powerful till it can change a person's life entirely. Everyone wants to be love by someone. Who doesn't want that? But sadly to say sometimes love can't be fake. People fake their love to someone is for their own gain. At the end, that person will regret and suffer. Honestly love is beautiful in everyone's heart. Love is given by god for a purpose; god wants us to care for each another. Love has the power to stop anger and fights. If you made someone angry but that person don't get angry at you, that shows that particular person loves you a lot.